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I am no longer
losing some body
as your arms stretch
across the skin
it finds; home
is where we
soundly sleep.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 2 0
In a few seconds, I'm going to be a bonafide father. That is, if my wife can finally squeeze out the little devil out of her vagina.
"Martin! Marty! Why the hell are you there?!" My wife should be the most beautiful person in this moment yet there she is, sweating and screaming like a pig. Her legs are opened wide, enough for the doctor and his nurse to huddle in, waiting for the baby. All the while, I stand at one corner, watching the baby's crown appear, sink then reappear again.
It looks like a horror movie.
To be honest, I don't want to come anywhere near even as I want to console my wife. I am freaked out. I am high and freaked out. I am having a bad trip on the day my child is born.
"Honey," I call out, "hon, you're doing great."
"Get the fuck in here, Martin. I swear to God..!"
"Baby, I can't. I can't."
The nurse looks at me oddly so I sheepishly smile, "Blood makes me nauseous."
Well, it doesn't. But I bet my paled face and sweaty brows make it seem convincing enough t
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 2 3
have you noticed it lately?
we are crumbling
so gracefully-- unspoken
thoughts and misguided words
we barely know the reason behind--
just as we watch
our hands relently untwine
every time-- each fearing
it will be the last.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 3 3
Venn by crimsonletters Venn :iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 3 2
every second we are
without fear,
do you mind
me under your
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 7 0
what makes me sick
guided by your sickness,
i vomit all of the rest
of my sexuality
onto the dance floor--
i wanted to stop or
just carry my guts
out of here and to a
romance for two
people you can stomach more--
i no longer
know what i'm looking for.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 2 0
Barber's Tale
It is a Tuesday afternoon, light reaching everywhere it can get. Sunlight sweeps in a barber shop. It reflects on the single oval mirror hanging on the parlour wall and spills a rainbow on the clean, tiled floor. The barber, neatly pinched in his shirt and pants, adjusts his glasses as he brushes the singular barber chair in front of the mirror. He hums to himself, an old tune he learned from his father, to pass the time. The clock on the wall times a beat along it.
The door whines.
"G'day, sir," the barber greets, not letting his eyes leave the seat just yet. "Just a moment, if you please. I'd like to make sure the chair is spic and span before a customer sits on it."
He pauses for a moment, waiting for an answer. Nothing. With a final swipe on the armrest, he turns around and smiles politely.
A heavyset man stands opposite him. His cheeks are plump and flushed, dotted with beads of sweat which he mops with a hankerchief he pulled from his stained overalls. He looks nervous and unsure
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 1 0
ground zero
i could hear your one-
two breathing,
slowly closing in
the remaining three
inches between us--
for five seconds, you paused
in the dark.
six, we touched noses until
we search for seven.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 6 0
cotton scent
I always knew
that I will act
all right;
that is just
the way
we remain calm.
And then,
you will make
your way south
just as my sight
refers to silly blobs
while yours soak it in.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 1 0
smile more
two thirty nine,
the dust disperses and slowly
settles around you after
you throw your body
onto the couch, clothes and shoes
and all--
you do not know
what to expect
but you close
your eyes anyway
and hope to dream
something good.
two forty three,
you are still
wide awake.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 7 2
There is a dog
that wants
to escape
beneath my skull
and flesh and hair--
it gnaws
its way.
I wonder.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 2 3
The authenticity of tea
with the tongue and nose,
cornered in a crowded
kiosk, trying to find
solace in chaotic
words the eyes
cannot make sense of
but hands try
to assist and
insist on--graceful
notes to excited
tones: welcome
home, welcome home.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 3 2
the colours have folded in
on their own and i've not
much to offer you--
so long
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 6 0
i grew soft—
a result of self
like plastic cups stacked
by two's to hold onto
hot waters and tea but failing,
polymer and saccharin,
slowly undergoing
deliquesce or any
other chemical
reaction i might think of
when i wish
to dissolve
like plastic cups
stacked by three's
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 14 0
the sun rise schizophrenic
this morning or
something terrible
terribly happened:
i was awakened—
"let's have
a good weekend!"
but before i could
start an answer
or just make sense
of my senses—
"i see
you. i see
you, you see?"
had my eyes been
totally ruined
with telly lies then
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 1 0
All you did was cover
your nudity that is
your mouth
that scares the shit out
of me along with your god
complex, insomia, and
suicidal manic episodes
that go a long way if fueled
with smoke
and existential questions
like why is your face yours to
phase in tune with
what the screen indicates
and advertises in a
subtle addiction to the
corporate handshakes
and ass to lips contact
--all there is,
figuratively, that is.
I'm stuck
but it figures;
dominance is
a virtue.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 3 0

Random Favourites

dampened in half-lit
lapses of judgment's purview;
there is no saving.
earth's helm is breaking
to reveal her tepid core
and the milkiest vocals cry
don't act so pure, gutterborn.
these ends are meaningful
in that their means
aren't cruel.
when you spit marrow
you will bleed blame
and fling it,
on the city and your
lovers and your
picture frame.
but you will fall
on death ere
you are
clear as the trumpet's pride
is your flail and resultant
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 4 0
Mature content
Tumble Dry Low :iconbubbybubbles12:bubbybubbles12 5 2
viisiion by gliitchlord viisiion :icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 4 8
your body is aether
star clusters fleeing
in wondrously misleading
sentence structures
choke out the new day
and keep the rote muscle
under your breath and tongue
keep the demons;
you will know they are ready
when your mouth
is bleeding.
pool on the ceiling
and nebulae at your feet;
drunk on the course
of the wandering planets.
i've been honoring damage
that i received at formation,
etching deeper the sins
in my xiphisternum.
o, the burn of the cones
in my vision stings sweetly
like eden,
or worse.
the blank galaxies
that explode in my chest
are so gorgeous
i don't even notice
my rot.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 17 7
March 24th 2016 (Morning Poems)
Left drunkenly staggering
In an inked black field
:iconshihsntz:ShihSnTz 15 47
Why I love macro photography
In case you haven’t noticed it yet, I may have an interest in macrophotography :paranoid:
First of all, here is a definition, by MarcosRodriguez of macro photography: "A Macro photograph shows a subject that is life size compared to the size of the negative of a SLR or sensor in a Full Frame DSLR, that's a 1:1 reproduction ratio aspect. […] Often a ratio aspect of 1:2 is also considered Macro, although that ratio shows subjects which life size is half of the size compared to the negative or sensor, I prefer to call those pictures Close-up photographies." (quote from here)
But why do I love it so much? In order to answer that question, I asked for the help of some other macro lovers:

Because it makes you discover a wh
:iconjustacapharnaum:JustACapharnaum 24 30
when these hands
grimace down the chalkboard,
what have i then
to offer?
look, the quick
is unsettled and
the cuticles
what good am i
at this altar?
stiff as the bamboo
shot up, left
to discover my own
o, my prism
i built you
to glitter my
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 7 4
i don't like surprises (except this one)
of intangible explosions,
tangible expulsions of
first-person codex
you're the first person
to have ever made me feel,
when you kissed me,
however faint
the brush of your lips
on my cheek was,
i felt the electricity.
a couple months later,
you still run my mind ragged.
jagged jumps
from one corner
to the next,
you splice my thoughts
like commas,
splitting full stops
in two.
into something
i never expected,
an acquaintance 
about 5'2''
became a friend
about 5'2''
with a shadow of
about 5'11''.
didn't think much
of it until i met you
on new year's
and we talked fears,
new gears, and last year.
never did i expect
to think much of you.
but i did.
never did i expect
to be single after the fifth.
but i was.
never did i expect
you to break up with him,
two weeks later.
but you did.
never did i expect you,
woman of intangible explosions,
tangible expulsions of
first-person codex
you are a code
i'm unraveling
in a place, least expected.
best friend
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 9 9
heaving, leaving, slaving over the mistakable.
beryl pinion,
viole(n)t diamonds
and rioting, rotting
tendencies spitting
rememberance in the 
fruits and bruises
of my wounds
that shake my memories.
fabrication, remember me
indicators in the cuts,
remember when
i detox my prayers
in the wrinkled waves
of my pillow back into
the s(l)ee(p).
flight, dearheart,
is a blink (of (t/y)ears)
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 10 9
mono, nineteen ninety six
commas to rear end
 sPeak like dead
   clockwork rollING
in reVERSE
      don’t un- onwards,
do no undo tomorrow’s yesterday
                     do not
         refile my coils uncouth
is the sake
   of tongues gliding over carbs
   then down crap chutes
  i am
a spry red
cooked until
  my brown skin
  burst bronze
in silver chameleon water
coin my saliva
into pockets of
words left as tokens
only for you
   take my veins
and use them as highways for your esteem
   never use the other lines
      as passages for exi(s)ts
   use every hole
left crumbled in a jelly field
   like my name is porifera
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 6 4
On Top by SheilaMBrinson On Top :iconsheilambrinson:SheilaMBrinson 48 7
sangyoshi 68
night never late
:iconcattservant:cattservant 5 20
The Daily Magnet #355 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #355 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 186 55
the seat of all power (gliitchmix)
fortune makes
mist of the
foolish and
and hasty
there are no rhythms
or rhymes
to the venomous bites
of the charmed.
for thanks
in memory banks,
fake the handshakes:
withdrawals are
first she razed
the forest, then her waist
was slithered.
she's a taurus,
taunting all the gods
and givers.
with a sliver of modesty
she is unfurled
and fury like
none other.
torus of olympus
spin nervous, don't
cancel our
chorus. we're
high on our own
undamnable endorphins.
barged in
on the beasts
and the brilliant.
the cruel
and the wooed
are congruent.
and we
are but human.
but are we human
when the teeth cut
marble, and the poison
fells monuments,
and every volcano
chokes down
its bile?
we've bartered
our way
past the nile,
past heaven and
out of the reaches
of god.
surely we're
we are machiavellian,
arms full of aqueducts
afire with
the pride of eons.
we're the salt of
the mantle,
the curse of
the stars,
and we slowly
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 14 5
Star Forest
cloaked in red silk,
luna hides from the wolf
lurking behind a forest of stars
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 15 4
The Morning Before (113/365) by MeanDarkSmile The Morning Before (113/365) :iconmeandarksmile:MeanDarkSmile 40 2



I breathe a lot.
Professional procrastinator, self destructive fuck.
drip, drip, blip



oh shit.


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